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278 m²
Project. Supervision

Remodeled residential house on an elevated lot for a large family


Residential house reconstruction

Audit and structural design: features of working in a house on topography
Our regular clients approached us with a non-standard task — to reconstruct their parents' house on a difficult terrain for a large family to make it a power place for all generations. The bureau's architects needed to create a cozy, comfortable and beautiful space for mutual recreation, celebrations and year-round living.
We carried out an audit, identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the existing structure, which helped determine a possible structural solution for the newly constructed elements.

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Organizing a comfortable and functional space for family gatherings and celebrations
One of the main elements of the house was a large dining room with panoramic glazing, which we realized by reinforcing the existing foundation. In addition, we insulated all the brick walls and replaced the roof, rethinking the living room space with the kitchen and added a living attic.

Basically, the house has been completely transformed and is ready to comfortably accommodate a large family and their friends.
Finishing the exterior
Finishing the exterior of the house with modern materials
The facade is finished with angled planken and hardwood shingles. The anthracite-colored interlocking folding panels set the basic tone of the house facades and roof, while the stiffening ribs give a graphic and metric sequence that correlates with the dimensionality of the planken.

The reconstruction of the house is almost complete, and the bureau's architects are finalizing the interior design. But we will tell you about it in the next case study.

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