Constructed project
14 m²

Renovation of the entrance to a culinary studio

SOUS entrance group
Complete renovation of the entrance
This time the bureau's architects faced the task of a complete renovation of the entrance for the SOUS culinary studio. Using the existing frame and color scheme, the decision was made to create a unique design that complies with the adopted design regulations.
The entrance of the restaurant is the first impression of the interior, so the architects' approach was appropriate.
Inspired by music: how the Aphex Twin album helped create a unique light pattern
One of the key design elements was the façade panel, on which a unique vector pattern was developed. Inspired by the music of Aphex Twin and their 2015 album Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments, the architects took the idea of a music visualizer. The visualization was made possible by a script built in Grasshopper. The script's task was quite simple — it was to create a unique vector pattern that would be carved into the facade panels.
Thanks to the flooding internal lighting, the pattern comes to life when the angle of perception changes, which gives the facade additional depth and interest.

Incidentally, the luminaires were designed specifically for this project with the necessary optics.

Photos by Andrey Kirnov.
Comfortable waiting area for restaurant guests
The architects also paid special attention to the functionality of the design. The entrance had to be not only beautiful, but also comfortable for visitors. They developed an optimal arrangement of elements and took into account the flow of people to create a comfortable waiting area.
Thus, the entrance of SOUS culinary studio became a unique element of the interior, creating a pleasant atmosphere and attracting the attention of visitors and passers-by.