In process
380 m²

Extraverted residential house in a coniferous hardwood forest for a young family of 4

Optimal design of a house on a slope among green areas
The design site with a slight slope is located in the village of Yamnoe. Considering the rather dense arrangement of trees and the customer's desire to preserve healthy trees, we tried several volume-spatial solutions on different fragments of relief.
Having chosen the variant that best corresponds to our vision and the customer's wishes, we adapted the layout to the obtained functional scheme. The approach to the main entrance group turned out to be rather chamber-like.
first floor
Rational placement of rooms on the first floor to connect with nature
On the first floor there are: living room with fireplace, dining room with a small kitchen, hall, vestibule, guest bathroom, gym with shower, office, boiler room and connected by a corridor with the main rooms — garage.

From the living room you can enter the barbecue area, and in good weather you can slip the stained glass windows and let the pine forest into the interior.
The gymnasium is also a great place for outdoor exercise. A strong visual connection to the surroundings is characteristic of the whole house.
Second floor
Second floor private space: adult and children's areas

On the second floor are private rooms with entrance to them from the hall with stairs: master bedroom, dressing room, master bathroom, two children's rooms, each with a dressing room and a shared bathroom.

In essence, the space is divided into two zones — adult and children's. This allows for proper communication in the quiet zone of the home.


Organic integration of the house with nature

The restrained textures and colors of the finishing materials are designed to dissolve the volume of the house among the trunks of construction pine. The rhythm of window openings and stained glass imposts are compositionally related to each other, and their vertical orientation divides the main volumes of the house into more compact ones, approaching the distance between the trees.

Architectural illumination is solved with linear spotlights and light lines. And graphic landscape "mushrooms" add coziness and light accents.