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A project proposal for the design of an exhibit space concept as part of the SHOWTILE 2019 competition



Search for original ideas for creative exposure of Spanish tiles

The architectural bureau took part in the SHOWTILE 2019 competition, which was organized by the Embassy of Spain in the Russian Federation together with the communication agency «Project Next».

The main goal of the competition: search for original, non-standard, but practical and implementable ideas for creative exposure of Spanish tiles in salons, pavilions, showrooms, at exhibitions, as well as organizing space for presentations, seminars, workshops and other ways of communication with the professional audience of architects and designers.

Our proposal involved the use of a planning solution based on elements of the logo of the Spanish Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers.

This solution allowed us to present new angles of perception of the composition, including from the level of drone photography. «Tilda» was transformed into a reception bar and a handout area. Exposition, networking and work meeting areas were placed in and between the liters.
Exposition modules in porous ceramic blocks: new angles of perception of the composition

The exposition modules are designed in porous ceramic blocks with their natural texture. This is a direct association with the raw materials used in the production. The modules have to rotate on central axes, by means of servo drives, which are activated by optical motion sensors when visitors are close to them.

This technique allowed the tiles to be presented from different angles and under different lighting, while utilizing both sides of the module, which reduced the spatial boundaries of the pavilion while maintaining the density of the exhibited material.
QR codes and augmented reality: an interactive experience for visitors

Next to each collection is a QR code that moves the user to the desired section on the manufacturer's page. The QR code placed at the bar allows using augmented reality to present the visitors with a map of the pavilion and inform them where and what is in the real-time mode.

The TOS project presented by the bureau became one of the favorites of the jury, which highly appreciated the innovative approach and bright creative component of the work.