Accepted by client
53 hectares

A space for recreation and pastime for all groups of citizens

Creativity development environment on the bank of the Voronezh River

An area on the right bank of the Voronezh River without organized development


The developed territory is located on the right bank of the Voronezh River within the boundaries of: Petrovskaya Embankment, 20th Anniversary of October Street, Admiralteyskaya Square, Voronezh Reservoir, and is a reclaimed part of the embankment, there is no development along its entire length. On the other side of the street Petrovskaya embankment is located residential low-rise development, residential complex, open areas for various purposes.

Public transport is represented by the route №93, which from the street 20-letiya Oktyabrya reaches the intersection of Petrovskaya Embankment and Bolshaya Streletskaya.

Educational environment of a new format in Voronezh

The pace of life in the megapolis is increasing every day, one third of free time is spent by modern people on transportation, including the movement of children from one educational institution to another. The project Creativity Development Environment «360 Degrees» is aimed not only at creating an educational environment of a new format for Voronezh, but also at combining all the interests of schoolchildren and preschoolers on one territory with the development of the recreational component of the near-quatorial environment.
All kinds of educational elements and programs are concentrated in a single safe space. This realizes the principle of compactness of the urban planning system, reduces the length of communication, reduces the level of stress, at the same time children are given some autonomy, space for creation and unity with nature currently absent in the metropolis.

Key functions of the project: recreation, education, sport, culture, intellectual production.
A space for art and creativity with a school and kindergarten
The project provides for the creation of a pedestrian embankment, the formation of a recreational environment and the inclusion of various forms of leisure activities by age, the organization of the territory of the new concert hall of the Platonov Arts Festival, Interdisciplinary IT-cluster in the zone of creative industries with the involvement of Quantorium, Wizart Animation and so on.
Special attention is paid to the educational block, which will include a new generation school and kindergarten with a developed system of accompanying auxiliary facilities, Entrepreneurship College (Startup Academy) and a gallery of contemporary art. The entire area is a barrier-free environment.
A zone of health and active lifestyle of the citizens
The interests of various social groups are covered, which is why there appeared: a platform for launching airplane models, a pond for holding competitions in shipbuilding, a city dance floor on the embankment, a city beach, several cafes and a restaurant, as well as equipped sites for placing STOs.
The sports component and the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle are realized in a sports complex with a swimming pool, an indoor ice rink, numerous sports grounds, an open water platform-pool, a small boat rental station, a skate park and a trials area, a trampoline center, laser-strike and paint-ball.
A long and picturesque bicycle route is organized, as well as bicycle rental stations. The recreational environment is represented by public gardens, a park with the possibility of placing temporary attractions, a zoo, and a landscaped embankment.
The whole territory of 53 hectares can be developed by public-private partnership.