Constructed project
74 m²
Furnishing and outfitting services

Apartment with music stand, fireplace and projector

Soft Loft apartment

Creating a harmonious space while mixing elements of different styles


This project is our example of design that mixes elements of different styles, while creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. In this interior there is an organic combination of Loft elements and «English style», which reflects the multi-layered and multifunctional modern lifestyle and the client's preferences.

Reconstruction of the living space and new functional zoning were caused by the need to update and adapt the interior and furniture to the current requirements and stylistic preferences.
The rethinking of the space began with the selection of furniture that the future owner already liked. Which, in turn, emphasizes the importance of these elements in creating the overall atmosphere.

Multifunctionality of the space

In the living room, the heart of this apartment, the focus is not on the traditional TV, but on the fireplace with an exclusive copper finish. This element has become the central part of the composition, complemented by antique engineering drawings in wooden frames, which gives the interior a special atmosphere and style.
The worktop in the working area is made of caragach slab. Its natural edge enlivens the whole composition and will become even more interesting and picturesque over the years.
The color and texture solution in place of natural materials such as copper, natural solid wood, metal and concrete envelope and give comfort. It is enhanced by details in the form of exposed wiring and surface-mounted sockets and switches. These elements refer us to the loft style, although they are primarily intended to add multi-detail and craftsmanship to the interior.
Instead of LCD panel a projector was chosen to bring «lamplight» to the whole interior and a special, to some extent, festive feeling from viewing. The music stand, one of the customer's many hobbies, became another bright accent of the interior.
It is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable music-making, in addition to a place for storing the instrument itself, it includes shelves for accessories, a retractable lectern and other designed details.