Constructed project
300 m²
Bright space for beauty salon with neon lettering and unusual photo zone

Beauty salon «Blossom!»

A new design solution in a larger area

When our clients came to us for the second time to adapt existing elements and create a new aesthetic beauty salon in a larger space, we were ready for the challenge. Despite the tight deadline and limited budget, our INSIGHT ADB team took on the job with enthusiasm.


A striking image and unusual layout for a beauty salon

We started by changing the perception of the room, dramatically reconfiguring the existing walls. New radius partitions were integrated so that they flowed from room to room, creating flowing and harmonious shapes. These changes not only added aesthetic appeal, but also optimized the functional use of the space.
The main challenges of the project included creating a striking and memorable image, using recognizable color and decorative techniques, and optimizing finishing costs. We decided to almost eliminate corners, turning the entire perimeter into a continuous wave. This design move created a new visual and mental experience for visitors.
Memorable details. Original materials
Light softly diffuses and streams across the surfaces of the walls decorated with a gradient from the signature turquoise color to space silver. Artificial fur with anti-static coating and aluminum fabric panels add a futuristic effect, complementing the overall concept.
The waiting area was carefully designed: soft modular furniture follows the curves of the walls, and above it is a composition of silver flowers, which became one of the photo zones. Neon inscriptions such as «be brave! Put your head off» in the headwash room and «use your laser, kill'em all» in the epilation room are designed to put smiles on the faces of the studio's clients and make the space more friendly.
We also used a variety of materials such as sewer pipes, fabric upholstery with simulated aluminum and faux fur to add depth and interest to the monochromatic color palette. Plants and floral arrangements painted with aluminum paint complete the interior, reminding us that beauty can be man-made.