Accepted by client
74 m²
Real estate analysis
Elegant apartment with a winter garden-living room
Apartment in the Russian Avangard RС

Turning possibilities into reality: an expert approach to real estate selection


It is good when a client is concerned about choosing an apartment in advance and takes the help of professionals, who at the stage of investment in real estate will help to make the right choice. Based on the client's wishes, initial scope-spatial solutions, experience of working with a particular developer's rooms and in a particular Residential Complex.

In this case study we helped the client to consider the development of several scenarios of space transformation from the developer, including the analysis of combining several apartments, adding a terrace and other related nuances.


Prestige and practicality: an elegant entrance hall as a guarantee of a first impression

We are greeted by a hallway that uniting classic design elements with modern furniture accents. The color palette uses delicate beige and cream tones to create a sense of calm and spaciousness. The front room draws attention with an elegant play of contrasts between the soft beige hue of the walls and the classic staggered black and white flooring. Clean lines of furniture and neat built-in cabinets enhance the sense of order and symmetry.
Stained glass doors with a lattice pattern add sophistication, creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. The Art Deco light fixture on the ceiling serves as both a light source and an artistic accent, emphasizing the high ceilings.
In terms of composition, each interior element is carefully selected and positioned to create a harmonious and inviting space. A balance between utilitarian functionality and aesthetic appeal is achieved through the designed placement of furniture and decorative elements. Note the elegant chair which, together with the console table, forms a cozy nook while maintaining a sense of space and openness.

Culinary inspiration: a space where preparing for family meals becomes a pleasure


The kitchen is harmoniously integrated with the conservatory-living room, creating a sense of unity and spaciousness. This open space is proper for a modern lifestyle where cooking, dining and relaxing merge into one, strengthening the social bond between family members and guests.

The color palette also goes for light, neutral tones, making the space feel airy and clean. White cabinets with neoclassical fronts, combined with vertical panels and natural wood finishes, create a harmonious and warm interior. The accent wall apron with terrazzo tiles gives the kitchen personality and adds artistry.

Attention is drawn to the magnetic brass pendant lights. They not only provide even illumination of working surfaces, but also act as a stylish decorative element. Open shelves offer both a functional and aesthetic solution for storing dishes and kitchen accessories, presenting them as part of the interior.
The centerpiece of the kitchen is an island with a bar counter, equipped with high stools. This place is proper for quick breakfasts or evening gatherings with loved ones. The island provides additional storage space and work surface, making it a multifunctional element in the kitchen space.

The designed layout of the kitchen provides ease of movement between the main working areas: fridge, stove, sink, work surfaces, access to the conservatory. The prevailing smooth angles contribute to the safety and comfort of using the kitchen, as well as to the beautiful light and shadow pattern.
Each design element has been carefully selected, from the ceramic vase with dried flowers to the elegant kitchenware, creating a sense of care and attention to detail. This adds character to the kitchen and makes it not just a place to prepare food, but the central area of the home where the whole family gathers. It's a place where beauty and comfort can be enjoyed every day, surrounded by loved ones.

Erasing the boundaries: a winter garden where nature and home comfort come together

We turned the terrace into a winter garden, which serves as a living room and a study. Everything here is saturated with air and light, which erase the boundaries with the outside world. But if you want, you can use motorized blinds to regulate the amount of sunlight and the degree of privacy.

A soft, neutral sofa with lots of cushions invites you to relax and enjoy the coziness, while matte enamel-coated mdf panels and solid wood furniture bring warmth and texture.
Multilevel lighting fixtures can create scripted, unobtrusive illumination for the whole family or each individual, at any time of day.

The inclusion of live plants not only adds color and life to the space, but also contributes to a sense of closeness to nature, which is especially valuable in an urban context.
The spatial layout is organized in such a way that each functional area of the living room — be it a workspace, a place to relax or for storage — has its own corner, thus creating an organized yet open space. The integration of book shelves and storage niches makes the interior not only beautiful but also practical, and locally adds noise insulation.
Combining these design elements creates a space that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for relaxation and socializing. The magnificent views that open up through the glass roof are a reminder of the importance of connecting with the outdoors, making this living room a proper place to inspire and re-energize.

Guest bathroom with cartographic charm

These images represent a guest bathroom done in warm wood tones with elegant marble accents, creating an overbearingly luxurious yet cozy space.

Wall paneling with a cartographic pattern adds originality and depth, inviting the eye to travel the world and highlighting the owners' passion for travel.
Indirect lighting in the form of LED strips along the perimeter of the ceiling creates soft indirect light and visually expands the space. Wall lights with brass elements bring a note of luxury and a warm, muted atmosphere by creating intricate refractions of light through textured glass plafonds.
Modern white sanitary ware with clean lines and minimalist design does not interfere with the overall image of the room. Brass faucets and accessories add sophistication and status to the space, emphasizing attention to detail.

Built-in furniture provides ample storage without sacrificing style, while the compact arrangement of the main elements optimizes the use of space.
A place where every element contributes to relaxation
The warm coral hues of the walls and textiles in the bedroom provide a calming effect and promote a restful sleep. Large windows draped with thick curtains add natural, soft, enveloping light.

The upholstered panels continue the vertical pattern of the bed headboard in warm colors, the niche in which they are placed, as if inviting to sleep.
Art Deco elements in the form of brass geometric lamps on the wall behind the bed give the interior a refined and artistic character.
An atmosphere of calm and relaxation reigns here. The richness and warmth of the wooden furniture is balanced by the fresh white shades in which they dissolve. The designed arrangement of furniture, including stylish bedside tables, a boudoir console and a functional TV stand, underlines attention to detail and comfort.
All design elements work together to create a harmonious and inviting space that is perfect for rest and relaxation after a long day.
Hidden behind the louvered doors of the compartment is a luxurious coatroom that can accommodate everything you need. Open and closed storage sections make it easy to organize and accessibly place clothes, shoes and accessories. Built-in closets fit perfectly into the overall design and maximize the available space.
Pendant lights with soft light add sophistication and create a central accent in the room, while recessed lighting neatly illuminates the contents of the cabinets. The elegant combination of lighting is not only functional, but also brings a warm and theatrical aspect to the interior. After all, trying on an evening dress or suit is already part of a theatrical performance.

The central island with storage drawers is both a practical element and a stylish addition to the interior.
The master bathroom space uniting functionality and style, creating a relaxing atmosphere for daily rituals. Wood paneling on the walls and floor brings warmth and coziness to the bathroom design.

Ceramic tiles create a luxurious yet understated backdrop. Round mirrors in wooden frames decorate the walls and visually expand the space.
Modern bathroom fixtures with clean lines fit well into the overall aesthetic, and ceramic accessories with elements decorated in rose gold add sophistication and care for details.

And we were also able to accommodate a cabin with a steam generator, ceiling shower and whirlpool wall panel.

A growing dream: an age-adaptable children's room

This children's room features soft pastel colors, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere, perfect for the young hostess. The interior is designed to stimulate the imagination and provide a place to relax, play and learn.

Color palette and textures: Warm shades of pink, white and blue create a soft and inviting atmosphere. Decorative elements such as cloud-like details on the walls and voluminous textiles give the room a playful and light feel.
Comfortable and functional furniture, including a desk with a wall organizer, a bed and plenty of cabinets, provides plenty of storage space for toys, clothes and learning materials. Each piece of furniture is chosen with the child's age and needs in mind, promoting order and organization.
A central ceiling light and soft window lighting combine with table lamps to create different levels of light appropriate for playing, reading or relaxing.

The room is designed with the growing needs of the child in mind, including a passion for ballet, and offers the flexibility to adapt the space to different activities from elementary school to teenage years.
The children's room thus becomes not only a place to sleep but also a personal space for creativity, play and study, reflecting the dynamic rhythm of the young resident's life. It is a space that can adapt and evolve with the child, offering comfort, security and the opportunity for personal growth.
Design your health in your home
This home gym combines functionality and style, providing the perfect space to promote health and well-being. The space is designed, maximizing its use for a variety of workouts.
The relatively small room accommodates a good amount of workout equipment including barbells, a Swedish wall, exercise bike, dumbbell racks, and a treadmill. Opportunities are provided for various types of exercise, from cardio to strength training.
The use of soft, neutral tones in the finishes creates a soothing atmosphere, while the wood elements and soft flooring add warmth and comfort to the space, which is important for a post-workout relaxation area.
This home gym is not only a functional exercise space, but also a carefully designed part of the home that promotes a healthy lifestyle and well-being for its residents.