Constructed project
300 m²
Project. Outfitting services. Supervision
Culinary studio in the cozy and picturesque historic center of Voronezh

«SOUS» restaurant

Expressive author's cuisine with unusual presentation of dishes

The restaurateurs describe the very idea of the project as «expressive author's cuisine with simple combinations of ingredients, with an emphasis on taste and not banal serving of dishes». The main goal of the restaurant is not to chase trends, but to «form its own approach, combined with the desire to find an approach to each client and not to leave him indifferent».

The interior of such a place should be «at the level».

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A small space of a culinary studio for comfortable accommodation of many guests
The room where the «Sous» culinary studio is located is small. Thanks to the high ceiling, it accommodates additional mezzanine seating and plenty of seating without compromising the functionality of the room.
A graphic technique in interior design and finding inspiration in music
The existing structural framework of the building could not be left in its original form, so we decided to develop a graphic technique that would become the leitmotif of the entire design project.

And here it was impossible to approach with standard solutions, because the restaurant's cuisine itself is author's, here we needed an innovative approach.

The solution came unexpectedly, from music, we were inspired by the album «Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments» (2015) by the legendary Aphex Twin.
The original solution is to use a unique vector pattern created from music visualizations. This drawing is laid out on COR-TEN steel panels, which decorate the supporting columns and wall fragments. The result is an incredibly spectacular and memorable visual solution.
bar counter
Uniqueness and expressiveness of the form of the bar counter made of solid ash wood
The bar counter is the centerpiece of the interior and is made of solid ash wood using a six-axis robotic machine. Its shape changes in three planes, which gives it an expressive and dramatic character. Macro and micro surface relief with flood lighting add to the bar's uniqueness and distinctiveness.
A distinctive feature of this bar is the «swooping» tabletop for comfortable seating for guests. In the second plan there are racks made of COR-TEN steel with hidden lighting, in which, thanks to AGC Moreno mirrors with aged amalgam, the classic bar attributes dissolve.
A rather large luminaire made of metal rings, with a maximum ring diameter of 2250mm, is responsible for the soft, diffused lighting. Copper panels integrated into the ceiling add a soft warm glow to the whole interior.
Aesthetics and harmony in the connection of the restaurant's functional zones
The entire space of the hall is filled with unique elements, for example, the «flowing» wall at the entrance, the continuation of which is a graceful curve of floor tiles, graphically and ideologically connecting the entrance to the restaurant hall with the open kitchen area, inviting the visitor to a culinary performance. The hostess stand is integrated into the «fluid» wall and seamlessly continues it.
Weightless graphic staircases leading to the various functional areas of the second floor elegantly emphasize the vertical development of the interior.
Natural materials and plants with autonomous watering system: coziness and freshness in the interior
Natural materials and plants with an autonomous watering system create a cozy and fresh atmosphere in the interior. On the area under one of the mezzanines are organized panels of Onyx from Corian with built-in lighting, which create a cozy atmosphere and invite guests to enjoy the warmth of a real fire.
The whole interior is made with a customized approach to furniture. The chairs in the restaurant are from renowned Italian brands, while the tables and sofas are designed by Insight ADB architects.

Attention to detail and the use of premium materials


The ceiling materials are not quite ordinary either: non-woven non-combustible fabrics from PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL®NTERNATIONAL create an intricate shadow play, while several thousand meters of chains (in gold, bronze and copper shades) complete the complex shadow pattern and «come to life» when the climate control systems are operating.

INTERFACE floor coverings from the Human Nature collection are used to improve acoustics and add coziness to the second floor. The flooring, created with the help of tufting, imitates stone coverings, seamlessly uniting several zones, once again evoking associations with wildlife.
second floor
The chamber atmosphere of the second floor
The copper panels of the second floor chamber room create a cozy atmosphere. In a small room, the reflections of polished surfaces as well as a light matte web of brushed surfaces form a sense of special space.

A glass box decorated inside with large-leaved plants that are flooded with a light gradient, as well as a fiber optic «cloud» complete the atmospheric interior.
Sous culinary studio is a great example of how graphic techniques, natural materials and individual approach to furniture can be used to create a unique space that will delight its guests not only with delicious food, but also with an unforgettable interior.

Photos by Andrey Kirnov.