Accepted by client
1090 m²
Renovation concept
Rethinking the iconic space for one of the oldest shopping centers in Moscow


A route uniting history and modernity: a new look at the pedestrian zone

Design concept of pedestrian zone renovation with stage organization for the Street Musician project. The concept was based on the historical context of this place: In 1965, the first three-level interchange at the intersection of Novoslobodskaya, Suschevsky Val, Bolshaya Butyrskaya, Nizhnyaya Maslovka and Butyrsky Val streets appeared near the square near Savelovsky Station. Such a three-level interchange is an achievement of engineering and industrial growth.

Thematic areas of the route

The intersection of many multicolored ribbons symbolizes these paths, named in the project the Route. These lines, on the one hand, uniting the long space and on the other hand, dividing it into thematic zones.

Graphic elements on the sidewalk and colors of street furniture elements refer to the brand of the shopping center, creating a bright and memorable space for the citizens.

The paths are applied with graphics on the asphalt, which allows not to remove the existing pavement, but simply to renew it. This technique allows for less heating of the asphalt, which will reduce the temperature of rising air currents by 2-3 degrees.
A space for comfortable relaxation after shopping
The parametric composition at the entrance continues the idea of overpasses, but already in three axes. The landscaping is evenly distributed over the area of the pedestrian walkway. To create a comfortable microclimate, a water vapor system was used, and a multi-level lighting scheme was designed.
To create a more «lively» three-dimensional composition, shadow islands and organized drainage of precipitation, shadow mushroom canopies (a metal frame covered with architectural fabric) of different diameters and heights equipped with a dynamic lighting system are used.
Each route from 1 to 5 is a separate space, decorated by a street artist in such a way as to fragmentarily create a three-dimensional picture extending the street.

The Street Musician project resulted in the creation of a unique space that combines history and modernity, comfortable microclimate and beautiful design.