200 hectares

Project for an open all-Russian architectural and town-planning competition for the design of a concept for the development of Petrovskaya Embankment in Voronezh


Petrovskaya Embankment

Development of 200 hectares of Voronezh's coastal territory as part of an open all-Russian architectural and urban planning competition

The project «CHERNOZEMNOMORIE is a joint work of architects, urban planners, urbanists, economists and transportation specialists. INSIGHT ADB, MLA+, Knight Frank, OTS Lab worked on the project: This large-scale work to develop 200 hectares of partially developed coastal territory was completed in just 1 month in November 2019.

The project was carried out as part of an open all-Russian architectural and town-planning competition for the design of the Petrovskaya Embankment development concept in Voronezh. Here we want to show how we saw the landmark territory for Voronezh in a cross-section of the task from the competition organizers.

Project task: tight deadlines and limited budget
Voronezh is a city of one million people, which has a unique urban structure, it is "cut" in two by a man-made sea. However, to this day, this water surface has no frame, no embankment that would be deserving to be called a city embankment.
The large-scale design area and elaborated technical task made clear the main task of the competition: yes, we want an embankment, but we want some changes already now, tomorrow we want to walk on the well-maintained territory, enjoy walks in the near-center. And, of course, there are no trillions of dollars or rubles for this. And that's exactly what we did by proposing the concept of "Light, Plaid and Toilet" in the first phase of development of the Black Earth Project.
The central figure of the embankment and the main symbol of the CHERNOZEMNOMORIE
The main element of the new embankment is the "Lighthouse". It is "planted" on the continuation of the visual axis of the street. Bolshaya Streletskaya and is a high-rise dominant of the territory with a spiral climb to the main observation platform.

On the first floor of the lighthouse there is an elevator entrance and public restrooms, on the second and third floors there is a food court. Upstairs is an open observation deck with free visitor access.
The lighthouse is the central figure of the whole embankment, and the main object of the first phase of construction. It is the main symbol of the CHERNOZEMNOMORIE, because what is the sea without a lighthouse, though with a substitute entertainment function. It is a multilevel food court above the Voronezh sea with an opportunity to look down into the future.
The lighthouse is enclosed in a bypass circular pier, where everyone can find their own way. The construction of the lighthouse is as light as possible, the pattern of the facade cladding takes its origin from the structural element of the ship's hull - the spandrel and is seen in all objects as the main link of the design code.
In addition, it is necessary to organize the first entrance group in the area of the intersection of Petrovskaya Embankment and Bolshaya Streletskaya.
Entrance group
The first entrance group on Petrovskaya Embankment and Bolshaya Streletskaya: organization of space
The entire area of the first phase is connected by wooden decks and fragmentary emerging shade canopies. Massive logs placed on the territory support the theme of naturalness, on closer inspection they represent places for resting.

All elements are made in a single style, which is translated through the design code of the territory, the main ideas of which are as follows: naturalness, simplicity and purity of the natural landscape, the unity of man with nature.

Indispensable elements on the territory of the embankment are lighting elements — masts.
Features of landscaping and landscaping territory embankment
Work on the design of the embankment area are carried out for the most part on the reclaimed territory, which narrows the range of possible elements of landscaping. The existing greenery along the Petrovskaya Street embankment is preserved, cleaned from dry wood and debris, and acquires the appearance of a well-maintained area.

The reclaimed territory does not have a black earth layer, therefore it was decided to use only plants that are suitable for loose soils.
Biotopes (sizes vary from 23 m² to 372 m²) with planting of mainly grasses and forbs (evergreen oatgrass, peristome grass, sedge Okhimenskaya, sedge Testacea, reedgrass, bulbous reedgrass, medium shake, sessleria) on the reclaimed territory in sandy soil.
All elements located on the territory are subordinated to maintaining the free and clean spirit of the CHERNOZEMNOMORIE, the solutions emphasize the uniqueness of the place, because there are no similar precedents with the sea in the city center in Russia, so we want to give this territory a modern function, while preserving the spirit of the place.
The territory of the first stage provides for bicycle-pedestrian (pedestrian) traffic, as well as the movement of special vehicles and vehicles for the maintenance of infrastructure facilities.
Outdoor walks, sports and active recreation all year round
The use in the warm season is unquestionable: outdoor walks, meetings, sports and outdoor activities — there is everything here to enjoy the warm season.

During winter, the territory is not conserved, it is fully utilized to create a park of ice sculptures, outdoor games, natural ice for skating and ice sports, ski tracks are formed. In addition, there is always an opportunity to warm up in the lighthouse food court. Active recreation in nature in the heart of the city of a million people.
Beach neighborhoods
The development of beach neighborhoods is infrastructure for public spaces
The planning area is so large that it would not be efficient to give it over entirely to recreation in any case: activators of the area are needed, allowing the place to be full of life all year round. In order not to lose the valuable qualities of sustainability, we propose to concentrate the maximum of activities in the Beach Neighborhoods zone.
Given that the city has yet to create a definite request for a specific set of desired functions for the waterfront location, we see universal lots as the most realistic option, in which not the city proposes infill ideas, but interested parties come to the area themselves.

You can read more about the project album on the website
In order to create an expressive architectural silhouette, urban planning regulations have been developed for the lots, regulating the density and height of development, the character of the frontage along the streets, and the location of parking spaces. A library of recommended features has also been developed, as well as recommendations for prioritized features.

The versatility of the lots will allow the project to develop in the most flexible manner and to adjust plans if they suddenly change.
The Beach Neighborhoods structure is a framework of infrastructure (transportation, landscaping, public spaces) on which universal building lots are strung. The dimensions of the lots in various sizes from S to XL are designed to accommodate many different functions from sports to commerce and retail. Sports and recreation are prioritized: beach volleyball, beach roller-drome, beach soccer, beach disco.