Accepted by client
280 linear meters

Ecological fencing of a construction site — a non-standard solution to protect citizens and an attention-grabbing art object

Fencing for VDC (Voronezh Development Company)

Ecological solution for construction site fencing


Our architectural bureau was engaged to create a construction site fence. The construction should protect citizens from the dangers of construction and become a decoration of urban space, an attention-grabbing art object.

The client refused to use the usual corrugated sheet and chose eco-friendly wood to emphasize the care for nature.
Modular construction: how easy it is to create an object of art from a fence

According to the customer's specifications, the fence structure had to be modular and easily adaptable to the new boundaries of the construction site.

The sections we used, which are individually fastened and interconnected, helped to solve the challenge. Forming techniques obtained with the help of algorithmic modeling tools brought dynamics and artistic value of this part of the urban space to the fence.

Internal fence illumination: safety and beauty at night
The result exceeded the client's expectations and attracted a lot of attention of the citizens. Internal illumination of the fence elements allowed to present the composition more expressively and made the adjacent sidewalk safe at night.
If you want to create not just a fence, but a real art object, please contact us. We will gladly develop an individual project that will become a decoration of your city.