Accepted by client
280 m²

The best solutions for organizing the office of a construction company


Office of the construction company «Kvartal»


Reconstruction of construction company office: creation of modern open space


Reconstruction of a construction company's office from the architects of Insight ADB bureau. If the house starts from the front door, then the office with the reception, for a progressive company — the best solutions: parametric counter with a waiting area, concrete + wood.

Before the reconstruction the whole space was divided into offices, the project proposal involves the demolition of all partitions and the organization of an open modern space.

For storage of current documentation divided wall, on which is fixed a metal frame, and the role of cells are old wine crates. A tricky mobile ladder is used to reach the top.

Stylish design of the reception area and organization of comfortable workplaces


The reception desk made of architectural concrete combined with wood was designed using algorithmic modeling tools.

Comfortable environment for office workers is formed not only by design and the use of certain materials and coatings, first of all the workplaces of employees should be competently organized, they should be provided with a set of necessary furniture and equipment not only for direct work, but also for storage.

In our project, the furniture is Italian, and the shelves above the workplace with a built-in lamp are the design of the bureau: aesthetically pleasing, reliable and practical.
The executive office space for creative ideas and unwavering will

The manager's office deserves special attention, because this is where all the creative energy is concentrated and where the best creative ideas come from. In a modern office, the boss is as open for communication as possible, which is tacitly reminded by the glass walls of his abode. The interior of the head's office continues the Soft Loft theme, divided by exclusive furniture and light, divided into two zones and of course cannot be deprived of the theme piercing the whole interior — parametrics.

And here it is a parametric picture with a motivating inscription. The office of the director of a construction company. And, of course, Steve, how without him!

How does a construction company show its production power and the desired result? In projects, presentations and of course through the most reliable way of presenting architectural works-mock-ups.

Seats of the company's clients for comfortable waiting
Who is in charge in the sales department? Of course, the customer and he is always right! It is for customers that we have developed a parametric bench with felt cushions. Stylish, fashionable, spectacular!
Translucent partitions: the embodiment of modern trends in office design
Despite the fact that the main office is organized as an open space, of course, we could not do without offices. The office of the finance department employees is united with the open space by means of a translucent soundproof partition.
The meeting room is made in the same style with all rooms of the office, it is united with Open space by means of installation of a translucent matted soundproof partition. On the floor there is a natural carpet.
A green wall of plants fills the concrete office space with life
Work, rest, put your mind on something else, shift your gaze from the screen to the foliage outside the window.... This is exactly how doctors advise us to work! Here it is a modern solution — in the concrete jungle right in the office green wall of living plants, which not only saturate the office air with oxygen, but also allow our eyes to rest!
The most modern materials and high-tech solutions for progressive customers!