Constructed project
235 m²

Creating an efficient and comfortable space for business class real estate sales

Sales office
of a construction company
Overcoming challenges: optimal room layout

An architectural bureau has successfully designed the main sales office for a construction company that positions its real estate as business class and business class plus. One of the main challenges was to create a space that corresponds to the high level of the real estate being sold.

Despite the relatively small size of the room and the complex geometry of the plan, the architects overcame the challenge and proposed an optimal layout, taking into account functionality and achieving the best conditions for communication between clients and staff.

Interior accents: glass stained glass windows, combined lighting and inviting furniture

Special attention was paid to interior details. The meeting room is made of stained glass structures, which does not visually crush the space. The waiting area is divided by a cozier carpeting and home-style furniture.
To maintain the ergonomics and integrity of the interior, desks for managers and the head of the sales department were designed, as well as a table in the meeting room.
Multilevel, combined lighting is designed to accentuate the necessary zones, in addition to providing comfortable lighting for work.
As a result, the sales office was the perfect example of combining functionality and aesthetics that will enable the construction company to attract new clients and close successful deals.