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619 m²

Design of public areas for a apartment complex by VDC with a unique landscaping concept

Public spaces for «CITY GARDENS» apartment building
Relationship between the landscaping concept and the design project of public spaces

The Architects of the bureau developed another design project of public areas for the new residential complex "City Gardens" by VDC, located in Voronezh on Lomonosova Street, houses 116/5, 116/23, 116/24, 116/25.

The main adopted design solutions became universal for all entrances.

The unique concept of the complex landscaping with an individual garden solution for each courtyard determined the color and stylistic techniques used in the design of common areas.

Communities created by the space: collective living rooms in each tower for inhabitants' meetings

One of the interesting techniques applied by the developer is the collective living rooms on the first floor of each tower. Like the concept of the masterplan, they promote close-knit communities. This is a space for general meetings and interaction between the inhabitants.
Solution Aesthetics

The aesthetics of simplicity of the interior solutions by Insight ADB

The concept of interior design is based on simplicity and clarity of lines, restrained color scheme, with rich deep, complex colors, referring to the colors of facades and the concept of landscaping of yards of the complex. Plaster inserts and graphite navigation elements are also an interesting solution.
Harmonious, natural atmosphere, not overloaded with unnecessary details and textures was one of the main goals of the project.
Variety of solutions for the interiors of each entryway
To get away from typical, boring solutions, for the first floor we developed a functional unit with shadow plinth, which allows for a painless, relatively uncomplicated installation, providing beautiful surface joins and further convenient operation. On the typical floors we used a simpler solution — ceramic granite, slightly buried in relation to the general plane of the walls.
For general lighting we proposed LED luminaires integrated into the slatted ceiling system with soft diffused light and accent luminaires for directional light. Volumetric luminaires designed by us were placed in the most favorable rooms for their perception — in public living rooms.
Design in the details of navigation elements and mailboxes
The navigation elements are designed using a grotesque font. Volumetric plastic elements in anthracite color on wood textures and corporate colors of the complex perfectly complemented each other.

The bureau's architects designed the mailbox cell blocks with convenient integration of hand luggage and containers for collecting unnecessary correspondence and advertising leaflets.
Wear-resistant, vandal-resistant finishing materials with KM1 and KM0 certificates are used throughout the project.