In process
511 m²

Design of common areas for a clubhouse from VDK in the cozy center of Voronezh


Public spaces for «GRAN-PRI» club house

Comfort and functionality of the surrounding space
Designing public spaces for the club house is, without any exaggeration, a complex and important task. If you take your mind off the contextual urban fabric, it is the spaces you interact with day in and day out that come first.

And the comfort and functionality of this space is given by designed architectural and design solutions. The developer of the club house "Grand Prix" on Voroshilova Street 1A in Voronezh carefully approached this task.

Minimalism and harmony in lighting and navigation inside the residential house
The concept is based on minimalism, clarity of lines, restrained color scheme, without bright spots of color. Plaster inserts and brass navigation elements became accent elements.
Harmonious, natural atmosphere, not overloaded with unnecessary details and textures was one of the main goals of the project.
To get away from typical, boring solutions, a functional unit with a shadow plinth was developed for the first floor, which allows for a relatively simple installation, ensuring beautiful surface joints and further convenient operation. On typical floors we used a simpler solution — ceramic granite "flush" with the general plane of the walls.
For lighting, we offered Armstrong ceiling built-in (with an unusual edge) LED fixtures with soft diffused light and accent design lights in the most favorable rooms for their perception. They are designed to add expression and status to the common areas of the club house.
Durable vandal-resistant materials and stylish functional solutions
Developed navigation elements using grotesque fonts. Finishes of plastic and noble brass are used in the navigation on the first floor. More generic plastics are used on the standard ones.
Our bureau has developed mailbox cell blocks with convenient integration of hand luggage and containers for collecting unnecessary mail and flyers.

Wear-resistant, vandal-resistant finishing materials with KM1 and KM0 certificates are used throughout the project.