Constructed project
62 m²

Design of common areas of a residential complex with apartments


Lobbies of «230 Feet» Residential Complex

Spacious apartments for modern comfortable life
Residential complex «230 Feet» — is a reflection of the modern understanding of comfort and style. You can see attention to detail in every element — from the choice of materials to the thoughtfulness of the layout. This project uniting spacious apartments with high ceilings and large windows, offering the inhabitants not only exquisite interior, but also functional space.

All aspects of modern life are taken into account here: from energy efficiency to safety, offering residents not just a place to live, but the opportunity to enjoy every moment in the comfort of their home.

Elegant and functional design solution of lobbies with concierge zones
All lobbies of «230 Ft.» Residential Complex have concierge zones, providing comfort and security to the inhabitants 24 hours a day. Elegant places for rest and functional spaces for storing baby strollers provide convenience and order. The use of unique design elements in the interior emphasizes the European style and high status of the complex, offering the residents not just a house, but a place with a refined atmosphere.
Every element, from the marble floors to the majestic light fixtures, has been carefully designed to provide an unrivaled sense of elegance and style.
The entrance area combines classic aesthetics with modern architectural solutions, reflecting the high status of the complex. Brass shades of decorative elements harmoniously echo the textures of natural stone, creating an atmosphere of true luxury. The refined lines of the lobbies fill the space with light and air, emphasizing its spaciousness and openness.
We are proud to have contributed to the creation of not just an interior, but a remarkable place that pleases its inhabitants every day.