Accepted by client
456 m²

Creating a unique chamber summer space in the city center of Voronezh


A chamber urban space for use in the warm season


The architectural bureau has successfully implemented a project to create a unique chamber space in the very center of Voronezh for use in the warm season. The main objectives were to develop a beautiful view of the existing public garden, "shading" of the surrounding buildings, formation of a microclimate and a bright, memorable image.

To accomplish the objectives, the architects proposed about a dozen unique concepts.

Combination of light and materials: features of light and dark lighting
One of the proposed concepts was a funnel-shaped structure, which was eventually dubbed "mushrooms". Designed using translucent architectural fabrics from #SergeFerrari, the mushrooms allow rainfall to be collected and channeled into the storm drainage system, while allowing fresh air to circulate almost unimpeded.
Guests of the venue can enjoy soft light on a sunny day, and light from the fixtures inside the mushrooms at night. The automatic change of the glow hue and intensity depending on the time of day was invented by the bureau's architects and implemented by colleagues in the lighting industry.
Living space in the city center for nature lovers
This project is a prime example of how an architectural bureau can create a unique space that will attract attention and remain unforgettable for guests.

The combination of COR-TEN steel material and plants creates a living space, which is smoothly integrated into the public garden. The planting areas, made of fiber concrete with marble chips and appropriate grinding, add a natural element to the project and make the most of the divided space.
The housings of LED luminaires are laconically integrated into the structural framework of the funnels. The whole shape of the conditional "roof" looks very light, and the variability of the funnels' sizes gives liveliness to the whole image of Letka.