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A space to explore brewing culture and tasting

Laboratory brewery
A real treat for every beer gourmet

Laboratory brewery is a unique space that we have created for all beer gourmets. Tarkos brewlab project, which was designed by our bureau. Here you can experience the culture of brewing, learn different recipes and have a tasting. This project was one of the most interesting cases of 2019 for our architectural bureau.


A unique space to replicate the brewing process


In this small room, the entire brewing process from mashing the malt to bottling and fermentation is reproduced in a full but scaled-down way. It is certainly a stylization.

The fermentation zone in the bottle is divided into a separate room with a specific temperature and humidity level. In this project, the brewing process comes first, everything else is created for immersion in this process, to enhance the effect of presence.

We as well as the brewers themselves are sincerely sure that in order to brew European beer it is necessary not only to reproduce the technology and use the best raw materials, but also to immerse oneself in the authentic atmosphere of this creative action.

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of brewing and enjoy a tasting

Divided in the lab is the head brewer's seat. This is where he writes down the recipes and can be said to be somewhat of an alchemist, sitting up late at night when you can't see a thing and burning all the candles, kindly provided by us. The brewer has many hours, because he has to keep track of the different processes going on in different groups of vessels, so he sets some to mash, others to boil, others to ferment. And also to know when lunch will be served, because he is also a human being.
We have created a unique space to replicate the brewing process so you can learn more about brewing culture and enjoy the taste of real beer. Contact us if you want to create an extraordinary space for your guests.