Constructed project
74 m²
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Apartment for a young energetic family with kids and a lemon tree

Grodnenskaya apartment 2.0
A project for a family of four: creating space by making the most of the room

Insight ADB bureau designed a project for a young, vibrant family of four who values convenience and functionality in interior design, and loves lemon wood. We uniting the living room and kitchen to maximize the use of the two loggias and create a space where they could comfortably spend time together with their family.

In order to get the most out of the usable space, a delicate remodeling was done with the displacement of partitions and relocation of interior doors.


Comfortable hallway with storage system and organizer bench

In the hallway we created a storage system up to the ceiling on one of the walls to get the necessary storage space. To make it not look bulky, we arranged a recessed bench with a textile backrest and soft flood lighting, which avoided heavy shadows inside.
The bench seat can be raised and houses an organizer for shoe care items. A graphic pattern on the enameled fronts adds lightness to the flat fronts.

Radial facade adjacent to the entrance to the kitchen-living room as if inviting to pass inside, excluding sharp conflict corners.

Plinth of porcelain stoneware in the general plane of the wall is deprived of the main disadvantage while maintaining the usual functionality. This requires additional wall preparation at the earliest stages of the work. Next to the entrance door, a mirror with a complex shape, an IKEA mesh shelf and a graphic pattern are combined into a single composition.

The walls together with the doors are decorated in barely visible terrazzo.

The black edging of the invisible doors perfectly matches the shadow profile of the stretch ceiling, which changes the conventional idea of the adjacencies of planes in the interior.
Kitchen-living room

Kitchen and living room space for family meetings and recreation

The kitchen set is made in U-shape and creates an island with a cooking surface and a spectacular island hood. Here we placed a special member of the family — a lemon tree. The bar counter visually divides the kitchen area from the living room, where a transformer dining table and a modular sofa are placed.
Modular sofa combines with the attached modules-poufs and forms a full-fledged sleeping place for two.There is also convenient access to spacious lower storage modules under the bar counter.
children's room

Dream room for little explorers: Swedish wall, bunk bed and play corner

The children's room is filled with functional elements such as a bunk bed, a buffet wall, storage systems, a play table and a fold-out sofa for guests and two workstations on the adjacent loggia. The unobtrusive paper wallpaper pattern complements the calm hue of the cork flooring.
We completed specifications for contractors on most custom pieces to create the necessary budget and eliminate manufacturing errors.

A unique pattern of ceramic tile in the bathroom

On the walls in the bathroom we used decorative elements of ceramic tiles from the SPECTRE series from 41zero42. At different angles of view it shimmers unusually, creating a chameleon effect.
Soft lighting and cozy bedroom furniture
In the bedroom we decided to do away with ceiling lights and use the cornice light of the stretch ceiling for the main lighting. Soft reflected light of comfortable color temperature with a high color rendering index envelops the owners, preparing them for sleep.
Calm pastel shades of matte surfaces create coziness and the desire to touch them. Furniture from our favorite domestic manufacturers without unnecessary pretensions performs its function, creating a volumetric and spatial image that will please the inhabitants for many years.