Accepted by client
160 m²

Form and function must be one, and constitute a spiritual union

Nakhimovski house

Comfortable and efficient space for a young family


It is great when several generations entrust the creation of a living space to our bureau. Let's tell you about the project of a private country house for our regular clients.

We had to create a beautiful, comfortable and efficient space for a family of 3 people (for growing up +1). A detailed questionnaire allowed us to identify stylistic preferences, and our experience allowed us to fill the house with all the necessary functions. To briefly describe what guided us in creating this project, we can try to use Frank Loyd Wright's quote «Form and function must be one, and constitute a spiritual union».

The architectural style we have applied avoids unnecessary decorativeness, adhering to the principle of «less is more», which is evident in the clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. Its strength is in its restraint and precision, where each element is carefully considered in terms of both aesthetic and functional contribution to the overall composition.
Functional design with an emphasis on form and structure

The structure consists of two levels with a flat roof, which is a characteristic feature of contemporary residential architecture, indicating a desire for functional design with an emphasis on form and structure.

The facade combines: dark clinker brick and white plaster, which create a tangible contrast, visually relieving the second level and making the overall composition more harmonious. The natural, quality materials laid down translate the architecture's commitment to durability and sustainability.

Large floor-to-ceiling windows cut through the facade, providing abundant natural light indoors and helping to create an unobstructed connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The complex junction of the stained glass windows to the second level roof creates a sense of multiplicity in the upper volume, eliminating the perception of it as a monolithic volume, which in turn is the responsibility of the first level with a roof that seamlessly transitions into a light canopy over the parking lot and BBQ area.
The entrance is highlighted by a projecting flat canopy supported by a light rhythm of graceful white columns that serve as both design elements and structural components. This canopy not only provides protection from the weather, but also adds to the linear rigor of the architecture by combining several volumes into a single composition.
Complementing the vertical composition are two elements — the BBQ chimney and the canopy pylon at the entrance, into which we integrated additional storage and connections for watering the lawn or washing the car.
Zoning with separation into public and private areas
The overall layout of the house shows a clear zoning with an intended division into public and private areas, which is also linked by the alternation of solid and transparent sections of the exterior envelope. At the entrance, we have organized a direct visual connection to the garden through translucent structures and a corridor. The latter is also a buffer zone between the kitchen-living room and the guest room with adjacent technical rooms.
The structural framework separating these spaces is not just a wall, as it has different functions on each side. In the living room it is a staircase with cantilevered steps, and in the hallway it is an integrated storage system.
Stained glass structures are arranged in such a way that it is convenient to sit in the soft area for evening family viewing, and while practicing culinary skills it is convenient to keep an eye on the children on the back patio. All traffic is generally looped, which is quite comfortable.

The layout of the second floor can be called quite efficient when you consider how we arranged the sitting areas, minimizing the impact of the stairway and arranging a very small but full of natural light hallway between the three main rooms. We have also provided access from the master bedroom to the second floor terrace, where adults, if necessary, can retreat on a cozy April evening with a glass of wine in a comfortable RADCHINSKI chair designed by our bureau.