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1500 m²
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Interiors of the private school «Vector» in the historical site «Harin's House»


The new look of the interiors of the cultural heritage site «Kharin's House»: a combination of history and modernity


The 1500 square meters of the three-storey cultural heritage site «Kharin's House» (built in 1881) houses the private school Vector. The almost one and a half century history of this place gave the architects the idea of interior solutions. The first two floors are made in a restrained manner: arched openings, plaster moldings, historical bricks, and the third floor, as a more modern one, added after the Great Patriotic War in the 1950s during the reconstruction of the building according to the project of B.N.Zotov, is already in a modern style.

It is interesting that since 1919 the walls of this building housed the 4th adult school of the 2nd stage, in 1920s schools №5 and №9 and after them — apartments of "Metalist" housing association, then the aeroclub, bank and various small offices. The building was originally a residential house for a prosperous Voronezh merchant N.F. Kharin.
A modern look at the arrangement of the rooms of the school, which opened here in 2020
The building was bought by the current owner in 2020, by which time its internal structure had undergone many modifications, which was used in the formation of the rooms.
The absence of one of the walls in the corridor of the second floor allowed the installation of translucent partitions, on the one hand revealing the mystery of the educational process, on the other, filling the corridor with natural light.
The architecture of the building itself suggested the need to combine old and new, history and modernity. Today's solutions are neighboring with the eclectic architecture of the facade, together with the preservation of the corridor planning structure, as well as arched openings of different radii, laid out in brick exedra.
This integration allows the educational process to continue outside the classrooms, to show the children that the old must be reverently preserved and the new carefully combined with it.

Anna and Vladimir talked about the project in the video.
Integration of the ballroom and dining room
The hybrid space of the assembly hall and dining room epitomizes the modern flexible educational process. In the 19th century, the current Dining Room/Acting Room served as the main Ballroom of the house; today it also serves as a ceremonial space.

The recreation room with mezzanine fully covers the active needs of the children during the day and even quiet relaxation. In addition, project work in different formats can be organized here.
Placement of all necessary rooms for modern educational process on three floors of the building
The three floors of the building accommodate 10 classrooms, a spacious room for parents, a teacher's room, locker rooms, bathrooms, a large recreation room with a mezzanine and a hybrid space with the functions of a dining room and an Ballroom.
The protected status of the heritage site imposed significant restrictions on the planning of the rooms in the building. Nevertheless, it was possible to create a harmonious environment for a small private school.
Interior details of the modern school: custom brick, vinyl-coated gypsum panels, moldings and raster lighting fixtures
The walls are finished with: concrete tiles to match the custom-made brick (to match the shape, color and texture of the existing brick), gypsum vinyl-coated panels in different textures, LSU panels, plywood, painted plasterboard, gypsum stucco, soft panels, 12 mm felt panels.
On the walls outlining the outer perimeter of the building, as well as partially on the interior walls preserved authentic brick, marked FIK — «Kozhevnikov Fedor Ilyich, he had a factory in the sloboda Yamskaya Chizhovskaya Chizhovsky volost Voronezh uyezd. Floor coverings: Forbo linoleum, marmoleum, rubber linoleum Noraplan and Norament, rubber steps Nora in the recreation, large-format porcelain stoneware on the escape routes, carpet tiles Interface. Ceilings: HPL, Armstrong, Soundec, GKL. Lighting: raster luminaires, customized lighting elements.

Photos by Ilya Krivtsov.